Play Keyboard with Ease

Synopsis :

This book covers everything that anyone who wants to or already play keyboard and wishes to become a better musician should know. this is the most comprehensive book that has been structured in a way which is very easy to follow and teaches you how the keys are arranged, what the chords and notes are and helps in learning the keyboard quicker than ever and makes it quite fun too!





Chords and Notations of Top Bollywood Songs

If you want to learn to play the keyboard, you certainly need this book. This book enables you to play songs in a step by step manner using the Scientific Pitch Notation System (C, D, E, F, G, A, B).

Through this book, you learn to train your ears by hearing music. Ear training is the soul of musicians that builds a bridge between the language of music and sounds designated by that language. The more we train our ears to recognize this connection, the better we get at playing music as our ability to observe musical structures improve.

Play Keyboard with Ease contains step-wise instructions as well as Chords, Notations and Scales of top Bollywood songs.